I offer you, as part of the Relax Altitude Workshop (Ara),
a personalized letting go to gently free yourself tensions,
stress or just to give yourself a moment of relaxation just for
you. Depending on your mood and your current needs, I will
guide you to one of these 5 services *: 
  • Intuitive massage: with oil, on a massage table 
  • Tui Na massage: on massage table, only lying on your
  • Shiatsu: performed on the ground and dressed 
  • Korean relaxation: performed on the floor and dressed 
  • The Do In: self-massage dressed in a sitting and standing

 Massage Intuitif

You take a seat on a massage table. Depending on your level of modesty, you keep and take off the clothes you want. I will offer you different kinds of oil and you
will choose the one according to your preference
texture, flagrance, etc.

  Tui Na

The Tui Na is one of the tools belonging to the T
raditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the same as
acupuncture, the Chinese pharmacopoeia, Chinese 
dietetics and Qigong. It is an ancestral massage
based on over 3000 years of study.


Of Japanese origin and based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu is a method of regulating the flow of energy by
 pressure of the thumbs while along the
acupuncture meridians and on specific points.

  Relax Coréenne

Stemming from an ancestral tradition, this totally original method is practiced on the ground. You are dressed in a flexible and comfortable outfit. Have you eaten light before or even
better, you are outside your digestion period.

   Do In

Discipline of self-massage (auto-shiatsu) that has its source in Chinese tradition, Do meaning Path and In energy. Do In uses maneuvers massage classics ...

 Massage à domicile

I come to your home with my professional equipment and all you have to do is heat a space of at least 6m2

The services have no therapeutic purpose and, due to their nature, are in no way related, either in content or in objectives, to the practice of masso-physiotherapy, as well as to any medical practice.