My village invites you to escape, to travel, to the benefits of nature for a parenthesis of peace for body and mind. Coming to Mont Saint Vincent is already enjoying a moment out of time and out of the world. A site particularly appreciated for its calm and its breathtaking view, which already prepare you for relaxation. The workshop that I put at your disposal is unique. It has been chosen so that you can simply feel at home and at ease: from the reception area, with a breathtaking view of the Charolais and Morvan mountains, to the room dedicated to services. You will have the opportunity, during your session, to appreciate the good temperature, the originality of the decoration and the calm. It seems essential to me at the end of your session to leave yourself time dedicated to rest. I will offer you, at your free choice, to exchange around a tea, an infusion or a glass of water, on the feelings generated by your state of relaxation.

Why the name ARA: “Atelier Relax Altitude”?
The word "Workshop" because cabinet, salon, institute, etc ... did not speak to me with regard to my activity of Practitioner in body techniques of relaxation. The abbreviation "Relax" because it evokes: relaxation, relaxation, relaxation, relaxation, zenitude, calm, balance, appeasement, relaxation, letting go ... in short, states that you are probably looking for following various environmental factors (accelerated pace, frequent changes and the demands of current life) which can cause: stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, Boron and Burn-Out, and even depression.
The word: "Altitude" because it suggests the idea of elevation, of height that relaxation can bring. It is also a nod to the location of my workshop: Mont Saint Vincent, Mecca of southern Burgundy, perched at an altitude of 603m, which with its pure air, offers a unique 360 ° panorama with the chain of the Alps and its Mont-Blanc, the mountains of Beaujolais, Lyonnais, Mâconnais, Charolais and Morvan).


I also practice in the village of Montcenis within the Club "Tai Ji Burgundy" who teach Chinese health exercises:
 Qi Gong 
 Tai Ji
 Wu tao
Club Tai Ji Bourgogne is located in the former Ursuline convent, Ursuline courtyards in the room of the White Elephant *

Classes are taught by a certified teacher: 



It is located behind the Monument aux Morts, north of a large area called: Clos des Ursulines.

The foundation of this convent was proposed on August 18, 1645 by the captain of the castle of Montcenis, lord of Thil. It was accepted by Denis Villedieu, lawyer, and on September 13, 1647, the Bishop of Chalon allowed two nuns from the community of St Gengoux to settle in Montcenis.
On the 23rd of the same month, the community had 19 nuns, 2 converses and 2 tourières.
The priest of Charmoy gave them the buildings of the convent and the Garreau estate.These nuns were cloistered and most of them belonged to notable families from Montcenis and the surrounding area.
These Ursulines crushed a clay they found near Montcenis with odoriferous wood and made rosaries from it.
They embroidered and held a workpiece. In 1783, they were still 24 ladies of the choir and 5 converses.
This convent was looted during the Revolution and the nuns dispersed.